My body of thought

Faice Book ように 自分の思想体系を紹介してみました。

My body of thought

My heart and center of Buddhist thought and mathematical thinking with the music.

thought the origin of love and my father toward the mother (I have unrespectable)  then will be met at the junior high school

music teacher and Catholic thought.

Then, experiences and events in the encounter with the hard experiences of China and the U.S.
And love, marriage, separation from family and family ties is an important
Transition has become my thoughts.
However, the origin of Catholic thought is I hate now that priest Takuan priest Ikkyu How to take refuge in Buddhist

thought, especially
Zen and the Zen also has attached to fencing soword skill (martial art) and the Strategy is the craft of the warrior has to

think about things in a rational and mathematical thinking

I have particularly in mind,
The affliction ob abidhing In Ignorance.
Beyond the fight, when to confront the human mind
I believe that the essence of the following words.

Priest Takuan "The unfettered mind" is written on.
"Althought you see the sword that moves to strike you, if your mind is not detaniained by it and you meet the rhythm on the

advancing sowerd.; If you do not think of striking your oppornent and no thoughts or judgments remain; if the instant you see

the swinging sword youe mind is not the least bit detained and you move straight in and wrench the sword away from him "

In other words, to observe the rhythm of the opponent's mind always find the fundamentals that should be on my mind and body

So, jump into him.
At work and love, so I think it is all in life
But this is difficult! !
So, only one practice, we want to be honest heart to move.
Since I do not have any athletic,
Are trying to grasp it in piano music.
My life has been directed at such a thought.

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