The business case for any loyalty program me needs to be well supported and justified,not only in the planning stages but on a continuing basis after implementation,and during development.

The application of solid math,statistics,and measurement is the only way to prove the effect the program me is likely to have on profitability and the customer base.
and the application of regular and meaningful is the only way to monitor all the factors both before and after implementation of the program me

formula,and indexes that build the scientific case for customer loyalty, analyzing evry last detail of customer behavior and transitional data,
and even demographics
These are ignored.

Should be designed important data is

  • the calculation of customer loyalty index
  • customer lifetime value's
  • practical statics
  • customer segmentation (ex:RFM)
  • Measuring loyalty (Index was calculated independently)

To help competitive CRM system, mathematics analyst requires very

 Yuzuru Sakairi
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